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Oriental Medicine looks at illness and dysfunction in a very different way than Western methodologies, and many problems that make no sense in the Western model are well known and classic patterns in Eastern medicine.

Many of my patients are incredibly relieved to find that their problems fit a classic Eastern pattern - they are not crazy or alone - and neither are you.

I specialize in finding solutions for longstanding problems. My strengths lie in diagnosis and treatment strategies. I listen closely to your concerns, and then devise a comprehensive treatment plan that involves using your strengths to overcome problems. I love to help people improve in ways that they had no idea were possible.


If you are still having health problems despite various pills or treatments,

either the true cause of your problems has not been identified,

or a solution that fits your individual body and life has not been found.

People often come to me as their last resort.   Then they begin to use me as their first resort.

Hi Alzada, it was so great meeting you and getting a treatment from you. I want to say how of all the healers I have visited in the last decade you are the best, most comprehensive holistic approach to my issues. Wow I was really blown away!

Kathy M

People often settle for less in terms of their health than I think they should.  Their goal is simply to get out of pain. 

This is only half of the journey of healing.  Having a body that does not hurt is the first step.  Long term pain changes the brain, and often the personality.  (Ask your loved ones about this - they know.) Being in pain changes the way you move, the way you tackle problems, the way you take on tasks or avoid them.  If you could instantly be out of pain, you would still have the long term effects of guarding against it in your body and brain.  This is what additional treatments will unlock.  Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine offer the fastest methods I know to change those unconscious habits from long term misery.

Your body is trying to heal every moment you are alive, and making changes in the mind’s focus can influence this enormously.  In addition to the treatments, I teach you skills that you can use outside of the office so you feel great. We will work together intensively, but I expect that after a while, you will no longer need me. You will be too busy enjoying your life.


446 NW 3rd St, Suite 231

Prineville OR 97754

Phone: 530-219-9337

I am open Mondays and Wednesdays.

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